Our Story

Dovetail picks up the thread that runs through our company and farm: well-made products to outlast the fads. As farmers and growers with an immense catalog of strains in our nursery, we carefully select ideal strains to accompany one throughout the day.

We do everything possible to ensure every Dovetail product embodies all the care, love and attention given to each of the plants that we cultivate. Our flower comes in bioplastic PLA jars, our prerolls come in recyclable tins, and our sustainable multi-pack bags are designed with continued use in mind. Consider repurposing our tins to package a small gift for a friend 

Friends. Founders. Fresh Weed.

We like to look at things with a sense of curiosity. And with a pioneering spirit, three life-long friends, Christina, Zak, and Emiliano took that sense of curiosity and love of growing craft cannabis and created the brands like Dovetail.


Our brand not only provides a sense of reprieve, and the opportunity to dovetail your activities to the present moment; but we provide a holistic approach to every part of the company. We believe in a natural and sustainable lifestyle. With this environmentally friendly ethos we focus on creating responsibly and with purpose – from our minimal cultivation techniques to our compostable jars.

Our Grow

Our flower is grown in a mixed-light, state-of-the-art greenhouses (200,000 sq ft at that!) which use the power of the sun with controlled lighting. We focus on gentle, natural, preventative products which create a biodiverse garden of resistance to grow strong, healthy plants that consistently test clean. And lastly, we have great attention to detail in all aspects of production including fastidious curing and hand-trimming.

The Experience

We love to be a source for suggestions, tools, and tips to enjoy the ritual of cannabis with mindful acts that invite you to be present and enliven your senses. In that way, we don’t offer anything except a moment to slow down and enjoy the magic of everyday activity.

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